SLSYW Congress 2015, at Peradeniya

IEEE Sri Lanka Section Student/Young Professional/ Women in Engineering Congress is the largest event that is organized by the IEEE Sri Lanka section. This is where young IEEE members get to know the senior members and also build acquaintances with other student branches and share experiences.

This year’s congress was held on 5th and 6th December 2015 on two days for the first time, at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya. Nine students from our university made appearances at the congress.

The first thing noted by our students, as they said, was the soothing cold breeze at Peradeniya. They were able to interact with students from all across the island and take part in numerous interesting sessions. They had the opportunity to take part in several panel discussions about technology and inspiring life stories. The outbound programs and the group activities had given them quite a time at the congress.

Another unforgettable moment for them was winning a complementary prize in the SELFIEEE contest. And at long last they attended the “IEEE Sajje” dressed in traditional attire and had a wonderful time. They were quite happy with their accommodation, not to mention the tantalizing meals.

More students from our university are waiting for the SLSYW 2016. We sincerely hope that the organizing committee will allow more heads in!

IEEE Design Competition 2015

This competition is organized every year by the IEEE Sri Lanka Section in order to promote IEEE among students and to build interest of electronic circuitry design among undergraduates all over the island. The competitors are allowed to make groups of three who then have to undertake a task assigned to them by the IEEE SL Executive committee and complete it within 8 hours.

The students from our university took part in this annual event for the second time this year with 5 teams, i.e. three more than last year. They were allocated to laboratories in University of Moratuwa. Their task was to design and construct a 5V regulated power supply with a maximum current (>100mA). They were able to complete the task successfully, and were competent enough to come close to the top positions among engineering students.

The participants, however, had enjoyed the competition very much. They said that even though the task was not easy, the challenge was certainly exciting and entertaining. They find it to be a competition worth participating in.

After hearing all the stories, more competitors from our student branch are planning to take part in next year’s competition with gusto and are hoping to secure one or more of the top three positions.
Good luck to them all!

WIE Tech Forum 2016

Organized by WIE Sri Lanka section, this was the first ever tech forum conducted on behalf of the female community to “Inspire girls to be tech entrepreneurs”. Four young ladies from our university went to the Dialog Head Office on 30th April 2016 to take part in this event.

The participants said that this had been one awesome opportunity for them because all the young women who were present had raised their voices and actively participated in the forum activities, them inclusive. They had been able to make friends from the industry as well as other universities.

They had had the opportunity to take part in three panel discussions where leading women from the industry had shared their own life experiences with the girls. They had talked about the problems they had had to face and how they overcame them as strong ambitious women. Also Dr. Danushka from Dialog had been generous so as to do a technological presentation as well.

One of the participants, Miss. Isuri Abeyasekara, who was also a part of the organizing committee representing the university, said that the forum helped them participants understand where they were standing with their technological literacy in comparison with other universities, and that they needed to work hard to be competitive enough for the industry. She also said that initiatives are being taken to establish a WIE affinity group in the university, which is going to be a prestigious opportunity for all the girls waiting to be tech entrepreneurs.


This symposium was held in parallel to the 10th IEEE International Conference on Industrial Information Systems (ICIIS), which was held in University of Peradeniya. Undergraduates not exceeding 50 in numbers got the opportunity to present their work to an international audience. They had to publish their research papers’ extended abstracts and use posters to explain the contents to the audience.

Two students from our university, Dinu Sri Madhusanka and Nirodha Ranasinghe, had their papers chosen to be presented. Their papers were “Gesture recognition based SMART bracelet” and “Digital counter-Muller counter (nuclear radiation)” respectively. They had had the opportunity of talking to international scientists, university professors, IEEE officials, local university lecturers and many industrial professionals about their projects. Furthermore they had been given generous feedback and suggestions to improve their work. It had been a place to get connected with people of similar interests.

The participants said that they were able to compare their level of research with other universities. They also got to see lots of other innovative projects of other university students as well. They were also insistent that opportunities like this must be made use of as much as we can.

IEEE Xtreme Programming Competition

IEEE Xtreme is an annual programming challenge where IEEE student members get to compete against each other in solving a set of programming problems within 24 hours under the invigilation of an IEEE member often assisted by a Student Branch. The competition was held this year for the 9th time with the participation of over 1900 teams all over the globe.

It was the first ever experience of an international level hackathon for the students of our university. There were 11 students in 4 teams putting their brains into solving complex problems starting from 5.00 a.m. (local time) on 24th October 2015 and continuing up to some challenging 24 hours. The competitors said that the pressure of managing time and holding off sleep was a bit overwhelming and that IEEEXtreme was the best place to experience it. The occasional coffee and a little bit of music late into the night helped our competitors to keep going.

Although it was an amateur experience, our students were able to get ranked as follows on national and global scoreboards, which is an appraisable achievement.

IEEE madC 2016

• Are you an IEEE student member?
• Are you interested in Mobile Application Development?
• Here is your chance to win attractive prizes for your talents!
Mobile application Development Contest, commonly abbreviated as madC has been announced for 2016! All you’ve got to do is build up a team consisting of 1 to 3 members and get going. Your applications should be focused on benefitting IEEE, technology, science or education.

For more information contact Mr. Nuwan Asiri, madC Ambassador for Sri Lanka.

If you have no idea of what is expected from you, take a look at what one of your seniors, Nuwan Asiri , developed for IEEEmadC2015 by following this link.

Do not hesitate to jump into the water if you want to swim!