29th - 30th November 2017 @
 International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
     127, Sunil Mawatha, Pelawatta, Battaramulla
  This two-day conference will consist of plenary thematic sessions with experts presentations, sharing of experiences, and panel discussions

  Objectives of the Conference

  To create a forum for stakeholders to present and communicate their research programs, scientific findings and policy interventions

  To convey the up to date technical and scientific advancements at global level to local stakeholders

  To Increase awareness of policy makers and economic policy planners to include Biofertilizer and Biopesticides as a key component in sustainable Agriculture

  To initiate a stakeholder platform cum network to facilitate knowledge sharing and decision making


 2 Foreign Experts, 25 Sri Lankan Experts and 100 Participants


Those who are involved in organic Agriculture


  Research Scientists

  Government officials & Policy makers

  Industries and companies

  Practitioners / Farmers

  Undergraduates and postgraduate students

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  Chief Guest

Hon. Minister Susil Premajayantha
Minister of Science, Technology and Research

  Two Foreign Experts

Dr. MS Reddy
Professor, Auburn University, USA

Dr. M. S Reddy is a Professor in the Department of Entomology & Plant Pathology at Auburn University, USA. He has established a multi-disciplinary, nationally and internationally recognized, comprehensive research in the area of biological control of soil-borne diseases, IPM, biofertilizers & biofungicides (PGPR), induced systemic resistance for sustainable agriculture. He has authored and co-authored over 150 publications (book chapters, refereed research, and extension articles, proceedings, bulletins, popular press reports, electronic media, and others). He is a founder Chairman of Asian PGPR Society and a recipient of many prestigious awards from USA, Canada, and India. Currently, he is an entrepreneur and consultant for several national and international agencies.

Dr. Sirinivasan Ramasamy
Head, Entomology Group, World Vegetable Center, ROC

Dr. Srinivasan Ramasamy is the Head of the Entomology Group of The World Vegetable Center (formerly AVRDC) in Republic of China. His professional interests include host-plant resistance, chemical ecology of insect pests, biological control, and molecular entomology. He has authored and co-authored over 60 peer-reviewed journal publications and book chapters and two field guides to his credit. He is ta Technical Team Member of the USAID-funded Integrated Pest Management Innovation Lab (formerly IPM Collaborative Research Support Program, IPM CRSP).


Poor in organic matter (OM) has become a characteristic feature of more than half of soils in Sri Lanka. This is an increasing challenge, especially in areas where drought is common, such as most of the agricultural lands of the country with a high drought exposure index due to climate change impact (IWMI, 2010). The poor OM status of the soils is not supporting any lengthened dry periods as expected under climate change, resulting in a potential increase in poverty and food security. However, mineral fertilizer continues to be highly consumed as the nutrient input in agriculture. Avoiding over use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides related food safety and health impacts are high in national agenda. Specifically, due to the unknown origin of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKDu) in Sri Lanka, chemical fertilizers are contemplated critically and has resulted a strong call for organic fertilizers. Locally produced high quality organic fertilizer is still seldom to find in the market at commercial scale despite supportive policy environment. To assess the interest from national government, the recently launched (early 2016) three-year national programme named "A Wholesome Agriculture - A Healthy Populace - A Toxin free nation" (Wasa Visa nathi Ratak) with the intention of preventing the use of agrochemicals in farming sector, is suffice. << Read More >>


Dr. W.J.S.K. Weerakkody,
Faculty of Agriculture & Plantation Management
Wayamba University of Sri Lanka
Makandura, Gonawila
                          Email: biofert@wyb.ac.lk
Dr. M.L.M. Chandrika Dissanayake,
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka

Steering Committee

Dr. KGMCPB Gajanayake / Dept. of Plantation Management, WUSL
Dr. (Mrs.) MAPC Piyathilaka / Dept. of Biotechnology, WUSL
Prof.  JC Edirisinghe / Dept of Agri Business Management, WUSL
Mr. Nipuna Chamara / Dept. of Biosystems Technology, WUSL
Dr. B. Ranaweera / Dept of Horticulture & Landscape Gardening, WUSL
Mrs. DMPS Dissanayake / Center of Excellence for Organic Agriculture, Dept of Agriculture
Dr. Sudarshana Fernando / International Water Management Institute
Dr. PK Dissanayake / Dept of Export Agriculture, SUSL
Dr. AD Ampitiyawatta / Dept of Export Agriculture, SUSL
Dr. GDK Kumara / Dept of Export Agriculture, SUSL
Ms. M.S. Elapata / Dept of Agribusiness Management, SUSL
Secretory Mr.  Savith Piyathilaka / Dept. of Biosystems Technology, WUSL
Web designer Mr. HACK Jayathilake / ICT Center, WUSL
Graphic Designers -  Mr. SAK Dharmadasa, WUSL
                               Mr. Prasad C. Iddamalgoda,  SUSL


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