ELTU serves students and staff of the two faculties situated at Makandura premises. English courses are offered to enhance the knowledge and four skills namely; reading, writing speaking and listening, of the students.
The Unit has a collection of reading materials designed to suit the various levels of the students. The mini- library has a collection of English books including novels. Selected text books are used for teaching when necessary. Reading materials which are prepared with relevance to the main subjects that the students follow in the degree programme are given in English courses. Further, ELTU has an e-Learning Centre equipped with audio, video and other electronic equipment, computers with internet access and special language learning software. The Language Centre is opened during office hours. The students have to register at the English Unit to use the e Learning Centre.
An Intensive English Language programme will be conducted for 4-6 weeks to improve the language skills of the new entrants. During each semester in the year 1 and year 2, non credit, compulsory English Language Courses are offered. Students should pass these courses in order to qualify for their degree. A certificate course in Business English will be offered for students in the 3rd year. This is an optional course.