So, the students of Faculty of Livestock Fisheries & Nutrition are truly virtual in writing their portfolio’s now……………..

Faculty of Livestock Fisheries & Nutrition under the funding of QIG-FPTM-W2 Grant has developed an online portfolio system for students.

Accordingly, students will be documenting and reflecting on the knowledge and skills that they gather during their four years undergraduate study virtually. The e-portfolio will act as an online CV for future job opportunities. In addition, it will also allow students to record their significant events in undergraduate studies so that they could share their experiences online. In addition, the e-portfolio will link the students with staff and external stakeholders of students specially the industry.

This is the very first time a national university is supporting a virtual portfolio system in Sri Lanka and Wayamba University is proud to implement the system and expand it. The virtual system will replace the currently practiced paper based portfolio system. The faculty has also adopted the good practice of appointing a mentor for each student up to the graduation and portfolio acts at the link between students and mentors.

Prof. SJBA Jayasekara, the Vice Chancellor and Dr.MSW de Silva, Dean of the Faculty Livestock Fisheries & Nutrition, officially launched the e-portfolio system on 19 December 2014 at the mini auditorium of Faculty of Livestock Fisheries & Nutrition.

On the same day Dr. KP Hewagamage conducted a training session to staff and students on how to register and run the system.

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