Apart from the language proficiency courses offered to the undergraduates, a number of external courses and workshops are conducted annually for the community outside the University. Organizing GCE O/L & A/L seminars and English Language proficiency workshops for the school children around the Wayamba University area are some of them. The number applied for the one year Diploma in English Course offered to the community outside proves its effectiveness and popularity not only in the North Western Province, but also in the whole country. Since the ELTU is also interested in promoting languages other than English, it sponsored a Tamil Language Proficiency Course conducted for the non-academic staff through the ELTU Development Fund. 
Language camps are held annually for the new entrants to the University to build up confidence of weaker students in using English, by engaging them in various interactive activities. English Day Competitions are also held annually to enhance the oratory skills of undergraduates and to generate more interest among the students.
The ELTU has been working closely with the American Embassy in Sri Lanka and about 185 undergraduates in both Faculties have got registered to follow the ‘Education First – English Town’ online English Language Skills Development Programme offered by the USA government through its embassies all over the world.

The existing syllabii of the ELTU shall be updated and upgraded to overcome the challenges encountered by students in the present society and to be on par with the UTEL (University Test of English Language) standards. The ELTU is optimistic that it can bring the students up to UTEL 6 Standard by the end of their second year. To accomplish the task as well as to edify teachers on how to deliver the course contents, a consultant’s service has already been obtained and the work is in progress. The same consultant will train the ELTU staff on teaching methodologies and use of modern technology in teaching. Further, the ELTU is planning to initiate a student-led wallpaper, a newsletter and a journal which will be funded by the University Development Grant of the HETC Project.

Academic programmes offered

  • For the Faculty of Applied Sciences

    • Intensive English Course for the new entrants.
    • English Language Proficiency Course- Level I                    
    • English Language Proficiency Course- Level II
    • Certificate course in Business English- Level III
    • Advanced English Proficiency Course- Level III
  • For the Faculty of Business Studies and Finance

    • Intensive English Course for the new entrants.
    • English I Grammatical Foundation- Level 1
    • English II Composition- Level I
    • Business Communication I- Level II
    • Business Communication II- Level II
    • Advanced English Proficiency Course - Level III
      (Obtaining a pass grade in all English courses offered in the first two years in both faculties is compulsory for the students.)