The Department of Insurance & Valuation is committed to enhance undergraduates’ education and postgraduates education in the field of Insurance and Valuation by introducing programmes with skills, capabilities and competencies to meet the real world requirement through interaction with public and private sector organizations. It is also committed to pursue the excellence in teaching and learning in Insurance and Valuation by conducting research and community service while making all efforts to contribute to the vision of the Faculty of Business Studies and Finance.
To make these objectives a reality, the department of Insurance and Valuation hopes to attribute to undergraduates;
  1. An in-depth understanding in management concepts both from theoretical and practical perspectives.
  2. The modern academic knowledge, skills, abilities and insights into the current practices of management in Business organizations.
  3. Leadership, entrepreneurial skills and skills of communication and presentation.
  4. Range of competencies in understanding of and dealing with management issues in modern organizations.
  5. Firm base for further study on Insurance and Valuation.



Warmly welcome to the Department of Insurance and Valuation. The Department of Insurance and Valuation of the Faculty of Business Studies and Finance was established in 2001 as the first Academic Department of the university system in Sri Lanka to offer specialized degree in the field of insurance with the intention of providing a quality graduates to fulfill the needs of Insurance Industry in Sri Lanka. Accordingly, as the pioneer of higher education in insurance, the Department offered B.Sc. Special Degree in Insurance & Valuation from its inception up to now. We are proud to state that, almost 100% employability rate records for the graduates passed out from the Department.  In addition to the bachelor’s degree programme, the Department offers courses of Diploma in Insurance and Higher Diploma in Insurance to cater the high demand from the employees of the Insurance Sector in Sri Lanka.

Considering the views of the stakeholders of the Department of Insurance and Valuation including senior academics, employers and insurance professionals, passed out students and the current students, the entire curriculum of the degree programme was revised in order to expand the path for the graduates in the field and finance and to fulfill the employers’ requirements. The courses are designed to provide the students with conceptual, empirical and practical knowledge in the fields of insurance and Finance.

With the structural change in the curricular, considering the request of the Department of Insurance and Valuation, the University Grants Commissions has given the approval the change the title of the degree as B.Sc. Honous Degree in Insurance and Finance with effect from 07th December 2017.


Dr. S.K.Gamage

Head / Department of Insurance and Valuation



 To be the Centre of Excellence in the Arena of Insurance Education


 Department of Insurance and Valuation is committed to develop its stakeholders’ competencies through education, training, research, and other outreach programmes to meet the real-world challenges in the Insurance Industry