1Various types of electrical measurements are used in electrical engineering practice.


2      Engineering physics experiments provide freshmen with exposure to             underlying principles of physics used in engineering.



Software such as ANSYS HFSS, Designer
(RF & SI), Q3D Extractor, Siwave with
ALinks and Logge-Pro are available for
3-D modeling, data collection and analysis.








Chemical free automated PCB prototyping machine
with latest technology is used for
printing circuit





Undergraduates get hands on experience by using low cost experiment kits
developed within the department.


Educational trainer kits are used to teach the basic principles of energy.


Proper use of measuring instruments is essential in order to obtain accurate measurements as well as to maintain measuring instruments in good condition.


Modern digital equipment has enabled faster and 



Undergraduates are facilitated to improve their IT skills throughout the degree program. 


Undergraduates are trained to generate engineering drawings using manual techniques and computer aided tools.

etch nov 2017

Facilities to test sand, concrete and metal are available at the material testing laboratory.


 CNC, Casting and Automobile workshops will be ready in the near future.


News & Updates (ET)

  • AGM & Society +

    AGM & Society The first Annual General Meeting of the Academic Society of the Department of Engineering Technology was held on 07.04.2017 at 10.30 a.m. Start was remarked by a speech of Head of the Department of Engineering Technology, Dr. (Mrs.) J.M.J.W. Jayasinghe, on the importance of establishing an academic society for Engineering technology undergraduates of Wayamba University and she asked to propose a suitable name for the society. Read More
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