The Department of Physical Education is committed to develop a strong and diverse sporting and recreational system in the University that is easily accessible, encourages maximum participation and develops talents in students. We need to enhance the quality of life of almost all the students through their participation, recreation and achievements in sports.  It is evenly open to the University staff.

The Department of Physical Education operates across three key areas.


  • Provide Infrastructure & Sports Facilities – management of quality sport and recreation facilities. E.g.; indoor stadium, playgrounds, outdoor playing courts (basketball, volleyball), fitness centers, sports goods & gym equipment, sportswear & etc.
  • People Development – provide information, advices and education supports to the person involved in sports and sports for recreation through the services provided by the administrator, officials (IPE), coaches and volunteers.
  • Organize Sports Programs & Participate the Students for Outside Tournaments – directly interfere with organizing Inter Faculty Freshers’, Inter Faculty Championships, Inter University Championships and other competitive and recreational tournaments annually and facilitate students for participating national and international competitions including South Asian, Asian and World University Games.