Message to Prospective Students

Welcome to the Faculty of Medicine Website of the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka.

Let me begin by highlighting to you that Medicine is a scientific study and its practice an art. The dilemma arises on attempting to choose a medical school where you study to become a part of this noble profession. I know that many of you will choose what you believe to be the ‘best’ medical school, while others will decide based on geographical location, available facilities and other factors. While these are all valid considerations, I request that you consider a few more things. First, “Will you be a part of a supportive family of students, faculty and administrators?”. Second, “What kind of medical practitioner you want to be?”.

As a newly established Faculty of Medicine, we ensure that the curriculum is up to date and clinically oriented, the available facilities are state of the art. The small community within our institution is a tight-knit family. In our pursuit to be a leader in the provision of medical education, we bank on ambitious and talented students such as yourself to make a name for yourself as well as our institution.

We firmly believe that proficiency in the English Language, Information and Communication Technology and Soft Skills are essential for the makings of a competent and compassionate medical practitioner. It goes without saying that those students who are already proficient would have an advantage. The faculty expect that all new students at entry possesses adequate knowledge and skills in Language, Information Technology. Workbooks prepared specifically for this purpose are available online to facilitate you learning at home and any additional plans of study that you may undertake while you await acceptance to medical school is encouraged.

We will continue our dedication to providing the best values in higher education and raising support for programs and initiatives that give our students the opportunity to experience growth outside of the classroom.


Prof. MD Lamawansa

Acting Dean