Final Results Released

MAETM-1st Intake

The duration of the proposed ‘Master of Agri-Enterprise & Technology Management’ degree [M.(AETM)] program is one Academic Year. The ‘Academic Year’ consists of 02 Semesters of 15 weeks each and academic program is based on ‘Course Credit System’, where the students will be assessed continuously throughout the semester (i.e. formative) and end-semester evaluation (i.e. summative) will be held at the end of teaching of each course. The students will be informed about the type and schedule of continuous assessment at the beginning of each course unit.

M.AETM Promotion Brochure

M.AETM WIL Proceeding 2020

M.AETM Coordinators

M.AETM – Contact Details

Position and Name Mobile E-mail

Academic Coordinator

Dr. (Ms) Radhika Gimhani

071 804 8697

Administrative Coordinator

Ms. Dulani Jayakody

031 229 9704

Program Manager

Ms. Dilini Sirimanna

076 535 9523


Congratulations ! M.AETM 1st Intake Batch Top Ten

Lecture Schedules

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Past Lecture Schedules