Hostel Accommodation
Revised time table , Level 2(Department of CT/ET/MMT, Faculty of Technology)

Issue of Student Record Books

Bachelor of Engineering Technology  Honours Degree Examination – Semester II of the Academic Year 2017/2018
To :   All Level 2 Proper and Repeat Students

Hostel Accommodation
Timetables-Semester I


 Hostel Accommodation For 1st Year and 2nd Year Students

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Examination Information

Exams to be held on 1st of August 2020

EPHY 1233

Allocation of Hostels

To: Level 1 proper and repeat students of Faculty  of Technology - Academic Year 2017/2018

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Reporting to Hostels

To: All Students of Level 03 (Academic Year 2017/2018) of Faculty of Technology

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Renewal of Registration for the AcademicYear - 2018/2019

To:- Level 2, 3,4 Students of Faculty of Technology

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Technology Presidential Election 1


Commencement of the Semester PDF 1

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