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The Finance Division which is located in the Common Support Unit at Makandura Premises is liable for performing Recurrent and Capital payments related to the faculties, departments and divisions at Makandura premises. Any money which paid to the University at Makandura premises is also handled by this division.

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+94 31 2298529

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Our Staff

Mrs. A.M.A. Rathnayake

Assistant Bursar

Telephone:+(94) 31 2298529

Email:abstrcsu@wyb.ac.lk, anurathnayaka@yahoo.com

Ms. P.M.O. Purnima

Assistant Bursar

Telephone:+(94) 31 2298115

Email:oshadeep@wyb.ac.lk, abpaycsu@wyb.ac.lk

Mr. R.M.M.P. Karunarathne

Staff Management Assistant (Book Keeper)

Mr. D.M.C. Dharmawardene

Staff Management Assistant (Shroff)

Mr. M.C.J. Arambage

Management Assistant (Grade II)

Mr. W.M.N. Kekulawala

Management Assistant (Grade II)

Mrs. S.A.G.S. Thilakarathne

Management Assistant (Grade III)

Mr. H.M.J. Wijebandara

Management Assistant (Store Keeper) (Grade III)

Mr. A.P.G.J. Pathirana

Works Aid (Grade III)