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The General Administration Division of Wayamba University of Sri Lanka acts as an infrastructure coordinator of the University in supporting the living, learning, and working experiences for the university community. It plays a vital role in smooth functioning of day-to-day activities of the University, including:

  • Maintenance of inventory system of the university.
  • Annual verification of the university asserts and disposal of discarding items.
  • Maintenance of intra- and extra-communication system of the university
  • Maintenance of vehicles of the university and deliver transport facilities
  • Coordination of the matters related to cleaning and janitorial services
  • Coordination of matters related to security services (both internal and outsources)
  • Coordination of matters related to labor outsource services
  • Coordination of matters related to internal and external postal services
  • Repairing servicing and annual licensing of equipment, furniture and machineries of the university
  • Leasing / purchasing of homes / lands, buildings, vehicles and other properties
  • Maintenance of records of the university lands and properties
  • Payments related to utility bills
  • Provision of accommodation facilities to staff and maintenance of staff quarters and guest houses of the university
  • Coordination of matters related to purchase of newspapers and newspaper advertisements

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