The Acting Vice-Chancellor

Prof. Jagath C. Edirisinghe

PhD(UoR, UK) MPhil(UoP, SL), BSc(UoP, SL)

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Office of the Vice-Chancellor

The Vice-Chancellor is the Principal Executive Officer, Principal Academic Officer and the Accounting Officer of the University and also the ex-officio Chairman of the Council and the Senate.   Administrative, secretarial, technical and other assistance and support is extended by the staff of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor to carry out the duties in all these roles for the maximum benefit for all concerned. All aspects of teaching and learning, research, outreach activities, welfare, discipline, entrepreneurship, career guidance etc. of all students and staff are carried out under the guidance of the Vice-Chancellor and the staff is geared towards assisting him for the successful completion of the tasks involved.


A constant flow of communication and correspondence is maintained with the academic and administrative divisions of the university, University Grants Commission (UGC), Ministry of Higher Education, other government institutions, public and private sector and national and international institutions and other stakeholders.  No breaks or undue delays are involved in the incoming and outgoing correspondence at the office.  All visitors and callers are assisted in the maximum way possible.


The overall task of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor is the accomplishment of the Mission and Vision of the University, and more precisely, the Vision of the Vice-Chancellor to make the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, the Best National University Focusing on Undergraduate Education

Vice-Chancellor Office Staff

Ms. Angela Kammanankada

Senior Personal Secretary to the Vice-Chancellor

B.A. (Sp). (English & ELT) (OUSL)     

Telephone:+(94) 77 974 7406; +(94) 71 310 1933

Mr. E. S. P. Edirisinghe

Management Assistant (Grade II)

Telephone:+(94) 71 115 2080, +(94) 77 022 2774

Ms. M.G.D.M. Gunarathna

Management Assistant (Grade III)

Telephone:+(94) 71 698 7748

Mr. H. P. S. T. Jayampathi

Lab Attendant (Lower Grade)

Telephone:+(94) 070 556 1870

Mrs. L. P. N. Dilrukshi

Mrs. L. P. N. Dilrukshi

Works Aide (Grade III)

Telephone:+(94) 71 959 6494

Past Vice-Chancellors

Designation Period of Service Acting Period
Prof. VY Kuruwita
Prof. TSG Fonseka
Prof. ANF Perera
Prof. SJBA Jayasekera
Prof. EMP Ekanayake
2017/05/25- 2020/05/21
Dr. Sanjeewa Bowatte
2020/05/22- 2020/09/07
Snr. Prof. Udith K Jayasinghe
2020/09/08 - 2021/06/13
Prof. J C Edirisinghe
2021/06/14 - Present