One of the essential duties of a university academic is to involve in research & development activities, and in light of this, universities must encourage and provide suitable environment for its academics to carry out research. Apart from that, the outputs and outcomes of research, including the publications generated from so are considered very important in many aspects, including the ranking of that particular university. The purpose of WURA is to encourage and appreciate our academic community in this respect. 

Types of Awards

There are two types of awards, namely:

  1. Wayamba University Most Outstanding Senior Researcher Award – 20XX
  2. Wayamba University Most Outstanding Young Researcher Award – 20XX

Gold Medal and a Certificate will be awarded for the winner of each award.

All other applicants who obtain the minimum marks laid out in the marking scheme below (see, Section 4) shall be awarded a Certificate of Merit.

Applications are called for the University Research Awards from the permanent academic staff of the WUSL.

Wayamba University Most Outstanding Senior Researcher Award-2022

Wayamba University Most Outstanding Young Researcher Award-2022

Awards will be given at the Wayamba University Research Congress (WURC) – 2023, which will be held on 20th October 2023.

         Deadline for submission of applications: 4.00 pm on 11th August 2023

Soft copies of the Completed Applications along with Supplementary documents should be
emailed to the Academic Division, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka on or before the

Please send your Application to:


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