Quality Assurance @WUSL

The Wayamba University of Sri Lanka is committed in maintaining the highest standards of teaching, research and scholarship, and the enhancement of society’s core values by ensuring students achieve excellent learning outcomes and enhanced educational opportunities.

The quality assurance system aims to safeguard the standards of the academic awards and coherent with the Quality Assurance & Accreditation Framework of Sri Lankan Universities and Higher Education Institutes. Wayamba University understands the importance of staying update with local, regional and global developments and best practices in higher education and wants to have this as part of the academic community which evaluates and enhances its quality assurance procedures regularly to encourage that culture. The maintenance and enhancement of the academic standards of the institution depend foremost on the commitment of all staff. They continually evaluate and reflect on the quality of the educational experiences provided for students. 

Over the years, the University has adapted several quality assurance policies and procedures to ensure best practice to take place across the University. Also, the University is committed to further changes and enhancements in future too.

The University operates an integrated system for quality assurance and enhancement which makes an effective contribution to the achievement of the University’s Strategic Plan which supports the academic planning process. The ultimate aim is to strengthen the University’s commitment to produce the best possible student experience and graduates in mandated disciplines.

There are a number of other processes throughout the University which aim to monitor and enhance our capacity to maintain the highest standards of teaching quality.