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Students’ Registration and Welfare branch is responsible for registering the students enrolled at Wayamba University of Sri Lanka and  facilitating the wellbeing of the students of the University.


  • Mahapola scholarship
  • Bursary financial assistance
  • Maintaining canteens
  • Providing hostel facilities
  • Photocopying services
  • Assistance to conduct Students’ Unions and Associations

Mahapola scholarship

Mahapola scholarship is a financial assistance is given to students awarded by the Mahapola Trust Fund. and the number of scholarships to be awarded in a particular year is determined by the Fund. University Grants Commission selects the students every academic year who are eligible to receive the Mahapola according to the selection criteria. Applications for Mahapola Scholarship will be sent to the students by the UGC and duly filled application forms along with required documents should be submitted to the UGC through the Grama Niladari and the Divisional Secretary of the respective area of residence on or before the closing date specified in the Application form. Acknowledgement card informing the receipt of the Mahapola Scholarship application form with a reference number will be sent to each candidate. The list of selected candidates will be sent by the UGC to the Mahapola Trust Fund and Candidates selected for Mahapola Scholarships will be informed by the Mahapola Trust Fund. The selected students will be informed to fill the Scholarship Recipient’s Declaration of Bank Account Details form by the University once the selected list is received. Students should maintain 80% of attendance for academic activities in order to receive the scholarship. Eligible students are entitled to receive maximum 10 installments of Rs. 5000/- per academic year.

Bursary financial assistance

The eligible students are entitled to receive Rs. 4,000/- for maximum 10 installments per academic year. The students who are not entitled to receive Mahapola or other scholarships are eligible to apply for bursary.

Application form for Bursary are sent to the students along with other documents after the registration as a students of Wayamba University of Sri Lanka and the students of the Faculties located in Kuliyapitiya and Labuyaya premises who wish to apply for Bursary, should hand over the duly filled application forms to Grama Niladari along with the relevant documents enabling him/her to dispatch the same through the Divisional Secretary to reach Assistant Registrar/Students’ Registration and Welfare on or before the closing date.

The eligibility for bursary will be decided as per the University Grants Commission Circular 3/2019.


Students By-Laws

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Our Staff

Mrs. Y.R.N.D. Yapa

Deputy Registrar


Telephone:+94 37 228 3167

Mobile:+94 76 048 9132


Mr. EPTS Ediriweera

Management Assistant (Grade I)

(Student Enrollments – Makandura Premises / Photocopy Service)

Telephone:+(94) 77 446 6766



Mr. J.M.N.T. Herath

Management Assistant (Grade I)

(Mahapola Payments / Bursary Payments – FoT, FoM)

Telephone:+(94) 76 044 7035


Mrs. JAMC Senarathne

Mrs. JAMC Senarathne

Management Assistant (Grade II)

(Hostel Matters / Meeting Handling)

Telephone:+(94) 71 812 9789


Mrs. AGI Upeksha

Management Assistant (Grade III)

(Student Enrollments – FAS, FBSF)

Telephone:+(94) 76 650 4331


Ms. H.M.S.S. Herath

Management Assistant (Grade III)

(Bursary Payments – FBSF / Canteens / Unions/ Students’ Societies/ Student Counselors/ Inventory)

Telephone:+ (94) 72 132 3685



Mrs. H.D.S. Krishanthi

Development Officer

(Student Enrollments – FOT, FOM/ Bursary Payments FAS)

Tel:+ (94) 76 538 2494



Mr. KM Rajapaksha

Work Aid (Grade III)

Telephone:+(94) 70 535 3500


Ms. N. Kodikara

Full time Sub Warden – Anuladevi Hall/ Vishaka Hall

MBA(WUSL),BSc (OUSL),Dip in Counselling (UoK),Dip in English (WUSL),Dip in Computer Sc (CIM)

(Hostels – Kuliyapitiya Premises)

Telephone:+(94) 37 228 4778

Mobile:+(94) 76 603 6738



Ms. W.M.D. Krishmini

FULL TIME SUB WARDEN - Seethadevi, Panduwasdev & Swarnapali Hostels

Master of Business Administration (WUSL),B.Sc. Hons (WUSL),Diploma in Counselling (KEL)

(Hostels – Kuliyapitiya Premises)

Mobile:+(94) 71 953 0333

Telephone:+(94) 37 228 3973


Mr. KARB Kaluarachchi

Full time Sub Warden – Chithradevi Hostel

BA(UoK),Dip  in English(WUSL),Dip in Counselling (UoK)

(Hostels – Kuliyapitiya Premises)

Telephone:+(94) 037 228 3972

Mobile:+(94) 070 257 5252



Mr. D.M.S.C. Dissanayaka

FULL TIME SUB WARDEN - Vijitha Kuruwita & Pandukabhaya Hostels

BA (SJP),Dip in English (WUSL)Dip in Counselling  (UoK)

(Hostels – Kuliyapitiya Premises)

Mobile:+(94) 070 259 7000



Ms. M.N.R Wimalarathne

Full time Sub Warden – Mahamaya Hall/ Mayadunne Hall

BA (University of Kelaniya)

Dip in Counselling (University of Kelaniya)

Higher Dip in Library & Information science (University of Kelaniya)

(Hostels – Labuyaya Premises)

Telephone:+(94) 071 707 4532


Ms. Nadeeka Alwis Samarasinghe

Full Time Sub Warden (Gr.1) – Biso Bandara I,II/ Sugaladevi Hall/ Viharamaha Devi Hall

B.A. ( Hons) (Kelaniya),  PGD in Management    

(Hostels – Makandura Premises)

Telephone:+(94) 71 9191135 / +(94) 31 229 8113


Mr. M.G.S.V.  Chandrarathna

FULL TIME SUB WARDEN - Weediya Bandara Hall/ Sapumal Bandara I,II

(Hostels – Makandura Premises)

Mobile:+(94) 071 629 6779


Mr. B.G. Dharmasiri

Works Aid (Grade III)

(Male Hostels – Kuliyapitiya Premises)

Telephone:+(94) 77 577 5508

Mrs. E.A.S. Edirisinghe

Mrs. E.A.S. Edirisinghe

Works Aid (Grade III)

(Hostels – Kuliyapitiya Premises)

Telephone:+(94) 076 061 8328

Ms. M.A.G.H. Kumari

Works Aid (Grade III)

(Hostels – Kuliyapitiya Premises)

Telephone:+(94) 076 567 1813


Ms. K.A.A. Prabodhini

Works Aid (Grade III)

(Hostels – Labuyaya Premises)

Telephone:+(94) 076 799 4120

Mr. K. H. Wijerathna

Works Aid (Grade II)

(Hostels – Makandura Premises)

Telephone:+(94) 071 112 4112

Mrs. W. M. A. L. Weerasinghe

Works Aide (Grade III)

(Hostels – Makandura Premises)

Telephone:+(94) 071 958 7515