About us

The prime focus of the Common Support Unit (CSU) is to uplift wellbeing of the university community, and specially to maintain a pleasant environment for the students pursuing studies at the Makandura premises. The CSU mainly committed to following duties and responsibilities, but not limited to:

  • Provide accommodation facilities for eligible students.
  • Manage and maintain the students’ hostels, staff quarters, guesthouse, cafeterias and the photocopy service center.
  • Handle bursary payments and related matters.
  • Maintain attendance of the Academic Support, Administrative and Non-Academic Staff of the Makandura premises.
  • Monitor janitorial services along with the security services.
  • Coordinate postal services at the Makandura Premises.
  • Ensure uninterrupted water and electricity supplies for the premises.
  • Manage transport facility at the premises.
  • Process payments for telephone, electricity, internet and water supply.

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+94 31 2298111

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Our Staff

Ms. R. Y. Sandamali

Senior Assistant Registrar

B.Sc. Public Management (Sp) (SJP), MBA (SJP)

Telephone:+94 31 2298111, +(94) 77 6905581


Ms. H.M.D.S.Ekanayaka

Assistant Registrar

B.Sc.(Sp) in Business Management (WUSL) ,MPAM(UOC) ,MBA (Reading)(WUSL)

Telephone:+(94) 77 6986928


Mr. A. M. C. Karunarathna

Management Assistant (Grade II)

National Diploma in Career Guidance    

Telephone:+(94) 71 8129795; 076 0489186


Mr. W. M. I. Wickramasinghe

Management Assistant (Grade II)

Diploma in Computer Studies

Telephone:+(94) 71 4397742; 076 4394081


Mrs. D. M. N. Dulanjali

Management Assistant (Grade II)

Telephone:+(94) 71 6249067


Mr. W. A. C. R. Bandara

Works Aide

Telephone:+(94) 71 8129754

Mr. E. M. D. C. Ekanayaka

Works Aide

Telephone:+(94) 70 1541515

Mr. T. M. S. Nishantha

Caretaker (Lower Grade)

Telephone:+(94) 78 2696985