It has been a long journey.
6 years were not just easy as it seems
We built up this family with all commitments and sacrifices our members did .
Our past members are the pillars of our success, they paved us the path with their experience and specially with the love they have about this Family
With that we got stronger and better day by day
When this was established on our university it was mainly focused on covering sports activities of our university
But now we have been able to cover almost every university sports events
We have been able to maintain a good reputation as a university media unit among university students
Now we are more powerful with new technologies, new equipments, new methods, and most importantly a bigger crew
Our family got larger day by day , year by year making this Wayoscope Family more stronger
We have lots of inspiration behind us
We are very much grateful about the support we received from Our Vice chancellor and our former Vice chancellor , all the Deans of Faculties and the academic and non academic staff members who encouraged us throughout this journey.And also We would like to thank all Union presidents who gave us support in each faculties in Wayamba University of Sri Lanka
And specially we are Thankful to Dr Tharinda Vidanagamage, Dr Upanith S Liyanaarachchi and Dr. Gayan Chathuranga for their enormous guidance
And most importantly we are forever thankful to our first Wayoscope Members , Ushan Hasitha , Buddika Geasman , Chanaka Chathuranga , Zeenath Ramiz for taking the first step of this wonderful journey
The whole Wayoscope story started with a photography workshop they held at 2014
Starting from that day we did our best to uplift and encourage our nations student body through exposure
We could never forget all our past wayoscope members who add colours in to this dream in their own way
All your sleepless nights and tired eyes deserves an appreciation .
Without your effort this wayoscope would not be in the place where it is now.
And we made the great bond with our fellow university media crews, perabeats life, MoraSpiritt, InFocus Media, Colombo Beacon, Voyage of Ruhuna, Agni Edge, KelaniPixel and other university media crews we’ve learned the true value of standing together as one media family.

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Past Presidents

Mr. Eranga Manoj  Ranasinghe

Mr. Krishan Chamara

Mr. Chathumal Wijethunga

Mr. Jayathu Koshala

Founder Photographers

Mr. Amila Samarasinghe

Mr. Shamil U Indeewara

Co - Founders

Ms. Buddhika Geasman

Mr. Ushan Hasitha