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The key function of the Academic Division is to handle all matters related to the academic affairs in the university. One of the main duties is to provide secretarial assistance to the Council, Senate and Senate Sub-Committees such as the Senate Research & Higher Degrees Committee (SRHDC) and the Academic Development and Planning, Scholarship & Ethics Committee (ADPSEC). In addition, the Division serves the Committee of Directors and Academic Coordinators (CDAC), Strategic Management Committee (SMPC) and the Information, Communication Technology Governance Committee (ICTGC) in various ways. The duties of the Division include convening all above committees on approved dates, recording proceedings, preparation of minutes, conveying the decisions taken to the relevant authorities on time, and making necessary arrangements to complete follow up actions.   All the above committees are conducted monthly by the University.  Further, in addition to the activities related to the Senate subcommittees the Division is also responsible for conducting the ad hoc committees appointed by the SRHDC and ADPSEC for specific assignments.

The Academic Division also assists in the organizing of the Wayamba University Research Congress (WURC) and Wayamba University Research Awards (WURA) which are annual events conducted by the University as to uplift the research culture within the University. Calling applications from Academic members, facilitating to conduct the evaluation, arrangements for awards/certificates for The Most Outstanding Researcher, Most Outstanding Young Researcher, while awarding best researchers at the Faculty level are the major tasks related to the WURA.

Handling of University Research Grants is another important task related to the SRHDC. In addition to facilitating the awarding of the University Research Grants, the Division assists to review progress, biannually and makes arrangements to evaluate final reports by sending them to external experts.

A major task related to the ADPSEC is to obtain approvals for new curricula forwarded by the Faculty Boards.  The ADPSEC develops different policies, procedures, guidelines when the need Arises.  Accordingly, approvals from the relevant authorities are obtained for the policies, procedures and guidelines and published appropriately.  All these tasks are facilitated by the Academic Division.

The Academic Division is also engaging in the enrollment of postgraduate students and handling the registration process while producing IDs, official email accounts, updating progress reports, payments, upgrading for PhDs and appointments of Examiners for thesis Defense.  Personal files of all postgraduate students registered under the respective Faculties of the Wayamba University are maintained and updated at the Academic Division. Organizing workshops for postgraduate students on request is another duty related to the Division.

Furthermore, duties related to the appointments/extensions for Research Assistants, Technical Assistants attached to the External Research Grants are also made by the Division. In addition, work related to the MOUs in the University are also fulfilled by the Division.

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Our Staff

Mrs. A.S.K. Wijekoon


B.Sc. (OUSL), Diploma in Advanced English (Colombo),
Masters in Human Resource Management (Colombo)

Telephone:+(94) 71 803 6060; +(94) 77 521 9496


Ms. E.M.S.S.K. Ekanayake

Assistant Registrar

B.Sc. (Insurance & Valuation) (WUSL), MBA (WUSL)

Mrs. I.P.U.D. Keerthirathne

Management Assistant

Reading Diploma in Information Technology (WUSL)

Telephone:+(94) 076 913 2928; 071 355 2211


Mrs. M.A.M. Samanmalee

Management Assistant

Reading B.Sc. Management (Public) General (SJP)

Telephone:+(94) 076 049 0143


Mrs. A.G.J.B. Gamage

Management Assistant

Reading BBA (General) (RUSL)

Telephone:+(94) 076 051 6223; 071 548 2063


Mr. G.A.I. Gamlath

Management Assistant

Higher Diploma in Business Management (NIBM)

Telephone:+94 74 255 7317

Mr. B.M.A. Balasooriya

Works Aide

Telephone:+(94) 076 041 6583