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Within Next Couple of Days……. You Will Get an Opportunity to ‘Benefit’ and ‘Offer’ Your Service to WUSL….

You Will Be Enrolled As:

Member of Alliance of Wayamba University Stakeholders

Then……. You Shall Get a “First Time in Your Life” Opportunity to Earn a Valuable ‘Certificate of Achievement’ “Free” to Recognize Your Dedicated Work….

You will be able to, BUT NOT LIMITED TO:

  • Develop your capacity through Featured Courses / Career Guidance
  • Produce and Market your product / services with thousands of others in the network
  • Share your knowledge and skills with the university community, including students @ work
  • Participate in the process of teaching – leaning – monitoring and evaluation in higher education environment through Case Studies / Field Visits
  • Assist in Quality Assurance and Accreditation of your work
  • Effective Networking and sharing of goodness-of-will amongst the members (3Ps – private – public partnership)
  • Dissimilation of outcomes of innovative research and development work from you and ours
  • Health and medical education and livelihood management
  • Lifestyle agriculture and food enterprising

In addition to all…….And many….

  • Gatherings for ‘wisdom’ and ‘joy’
  • Working on virtual environment so that your can share all……..

Open for all who wish to work with Wayamba University of Sri Lanka

Graduates, Undergraduates, Industrialists, Service-providers, Public sector administrators.... Farmers and all sort of entrepreneurs...


who wants to share part of his /her life, at least in little, to promote the good name and Support the workings of the WUSL

Please visit this site for more information on MEMBERSHIP FORM AND OTHER DETAILS on.