How to start a career in UI/UX

IEEE WIE Student Branch Affinity Group of Wayamba University of Sri Lanka

This was a beneficial webinar organized by the IEEE WIE Student Branch of Wayamba University of Sri Lanka for people who are eager to start their UI/UX careers and get the maximum out of their potential. This webinar focused on those who are willing to start the UI/UX journey in Sri Lanka. The audience consisted of undergraduates, UI/UX enthusiasts, and school leavers. This was held successfully on 4th September 2021 at 6:00 pm. This webinar was held on the Zoom platform with the participation of more than 200 participants. The main intention was to guide newbies to go higher in the UI/UX career from their first step onwards. We needed to bring in an experienced speaker to motivate the students in order to address this interesting topic.

Ms. Sandaru Paranahewa was the speaker for the event. She is a UX lead at She addressed the audience with all of her professional expertise, and the majority of the attendees were encouraged and inspired. She demonstrated how to develop a UI/UX career and seek opportunities that are most suited for a person with the knowledge and skills she has obtained through her UI/UX career. Finally, the aim of promoting undergraduates’ passion for developing UI/UX careers was successfully attempted at the end of the webinar.