Undergraduate students of Department of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Livestock, Fisheries and Nutrition received the Gold and Bronze Awards for STUDENTS OPEN CLASS category at the recently concluded Sri Lankan Packaging Awards for 2020 organized by The Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging. The gold award was presented for an Active Bioplastic Sachet developed by Mr. Umesh Rajapakse, Ms. Gimhani Gamlath, Ms. Hashani Kaushalya and Ms. Yeheni Ruwanara while The Bronze award was awarded for an “Oil Absorbing Biodegradable Material” developed by Ms. Bhagya Premarathne, Mr. S. Gotham, Ms. Nelum Tharanga and Mr. Hasitha Sandaruwan. This success of our undergraduates was achieved under the support and guidance of Prof. C.V.L. Jayasinghe. Well done students and staff!