Role of UBL

The UBL – Wayamba University of Sri Lanka facilitates the protection, management and commercialization of University innovations and assists in bringing research results to the marketplace for the benefit of the public.

What we offer?

We offer services to both the external and internal parties to:

  1. Facilitate and promote the translation of university research into new products and services for public use and benefit. 
  2. Start collaborations between the university with industries to promote innovations 
  3. Develop business oriented skills in students. 
  4. Conduct workshops, webinars, and training sessions to educate the academics to provide sustainable solutions and consultancies
  5. Provide necessary support for university research to protect intellectual property rights through national and international filing.

We follow a 4-step process of engagement with businesses and academics starting from awareness to final project or product outcome reaching the market.


To bridge the gap among businesses, industries, the academic community, faculties, students and to commercialize the research outcomes of university academics. 


Facilitating commercialization of research development outcomes of academic, graduate and undergraduate students of Wayamba University of Sri Lanka and identifying potential industries in order to transfer technologies developed as research outcomes of university academics are among the major activities of University Business Linkage Cell. In order to encourage entrepreneurial activities.  Intellectual property (IP) policy has been adopted to promote research cooperation between industry and the university. The UBL Cell also aims to facilitate developing entrepreneurial mindset among the university community in order to go beyond the traditional educational paradigm to contribute to the national economy.