WUSL-SEDS Students at the ORAGAN 1.0 Cube Satellite Launching

Wayamba University of Sri Lanka Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (WUSL-SEDS) club got the privilege to join with the project of “ORGAN Cubset satellite” with 16 other university students in Sri Lanka. SEDS members P.A.I.S Abejeewa and H.M.T.N Herath who are students of the Department of Electrotechnology of the Faculty of Technology (FAT) in Wayamba University of Sri Lanka worked as the project Manager of ORAGAN Cubesat Project and as the Cubesat Designer and Electronic Team Member, respectively. 

The ORAGAN 1.0 Cube Satellite was successfully launched from Dambulla D.S. Senanayake School playground on the 26th of December 2021, by adhering to all the conditions imposed by the Ministry of Defense and Civil Aviation Authority. The purpose of the satellite was to conduct near-space and environmental experiments.  

ORAGAN 1.0 Cube Satellite is a pico-sized cube satellite prototype of dimensions 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm. The primary target of this project was to test components for an orbital launch. This was achieved by partnering up with Serendib 2.0, the high-altitude balloon project spearheaded by SEDS Sri Lanka. Through this launch, the circuit components of “ORAGAN” will be tested in a near-space environment,  thus paving the way for any potential improvements. 

Congratulations! Well done team and wish you all the best.