Course Outline

Course code Cluster Course Module

DAPM 11013

Animal Production
Livestock and Poultry Management

DAPM 11024

Business Environment
Economic & Marketing Environment of a Business

DAPM 11034

Crop Production
Agronomy of Crop Production Systems

DAPM 11042

Design and Technology
Agricultural Technology & Operations Management

DAPM 11053

Environment Management
Managing Environment for Agriculture

DAPM 11063

Food Manufacturing
Agri-Food Product Manufacturing & Value Chain

DAPM 11072

General Competency
QT and ICT for Agriculture and Plantations Management

DAPM 11082

General Competency
Policy Environment and Trends in Agriculture & Plantation Management

DAPM 11092

Higher order professional skills
Professional Skills Development

DAPM 11105

Capstone Project - Portfolio Development
Capstone Project - Portfolio Development

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