The IQAU was established in 2002 and revitalized in 2015 with guidelines given by the University Grants Commission. It co-ordinates the quality assurance activities within the University. The IQAU is placed directly under the purview of the Vice Chancellor and managed by a Director. Its administrative and financial control are managed through a Management Committee. The IQAU reports its activities regularly to the Senate and the Council. IQAU has taken the leading role in compiling this SER for the IR, facilitate the review process of the study programmes and guide the faculties and other units to establish best practices in adhering to high institutional and educational standards. Moreover, IQAU lead the process of formulating Academic Quality Enhancement Framework (AQEF) and University Policy Framework. All faculties have a Faculty Quality Assurance Cell (FQAC), which coordinates all quality assurance activities within the faculty in liaison with the IQAU.

Functions and responsibilities of the IQAU are;

  • Coordinating all QA related activities within the institution.
  • Liaising with UGC/QAA Council and other external QA agencies.
  • Implementing reviews/audit recommendations and follow up action.
  • Preparing institutional self-evaluation report.
  • Providing advice on QA to faculties and departments.
  • Monitoring and guidance in QA activities at faculty level.
  • Reporting all these activities to the Senate.
  • Quality and QA aspects in Institutions’ Corporate Plan
  • Facilitation of identification and sharing of good practices between academic departments
  • Preparation off QA-related guidelines and manuals for use within the institution
  • Ensure the necessary Academic Regulations/By-Laws are in place, and if not, make recommendations for remedial actions
  • Conduct, with the support of the Staff Development Centre of the University, faculty level awareness programmes for staff members
  • Establishment of Faculty QA Cells and defining their duties and responsibilities