Introduction of the Programme

Due to the essential need of the skills development training programmes for the industry practitioners, this diploma programme has been designed for the construction supervisors / technical officers who directly apply the practices on labour operations in the construction sites. The programme clearly specifies the competencies, knowledge and attitudes required by the construction industry for improving the performance and productivity of the workforce.

Implications of the Programme

The DCLPPM programme is expected to make an effective contribution for the economic and social development of the country through making provision for a nationally consistent, technical and vocational education and training. It includes effective and innovative practices for the productivity improvement in the industry through proactive education and training strategies. The outcomes of this diploma programme is expected to be highly contributing to the construction industry sector for upgrading their current practices with the direct concept of productivity and performance improvement.

Why is this diploma significance compared to other diploma programmes currently available in the Sri Lankan construction sector?

The DCLPPM is willing to be an ideal programme for the Sri Lankan construction sector, meets the industry needs and expectation. The curriculum of this diploma programme was systematically developed by the experts through an extensive investigation conducted in the Sri Lankan construction industry with the direct scope of improving the performance and productivity of the construction workforce. The DCLPPM includes outcome-based teaching, learning and assessments with relevant quality assurance practices. The academic activities of this programme will be delivered by the university lecturers and qualified engineering experts from the industry.

The most significance of this diploma programme is the inclusion of labour training exercises in the Training of Trainers Project. This will enable the course followers to train labourers in the construction sites through demonstrations, guidelines and other relevant activities/tasks. Training of Trainers Project Guide Book will be delivered among the course followers at the beginning of the programme.

Benefits highlighted to the

Course followers

  • SLQF 3 / NVQ 5 qualification certification completion within one year (part-time) and the clear path for future career development
  • Opportunity to involve with modern technologies and innovative practices
  • Labour training experience, recognition and certification
  • Opportunity to become as NVQ Assessors
  • Opportunity to receive ‘Best Labour Trainer Award’ and ‘Labour Trainer Merit Awards’

Construction firms

  • Systematic procedure for labour skills assessments and rewarding mechanisms at the construction sites
  • Effective practices using a well-developed performance score system and worker grading scheme
  • Productivity measurements and performance assessments practices
  • Productivity improvement with the evidence and the way to profitability



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