The aim of the proposed programme is to;

  • Develop the course follower’s (supervisory level workers) knowledge, skills and abilities on construction operations
  • Prepare the supervisors to be capable of applying better practices on labour skills for improving the productivity of labour operations in construction

Programme Outcomes

After successfully completing the training programme, the participants should be able to;

  • Demonstrate the ability of monitoring usage, storage, delivery and operations of construction materials and equipment
  • Demonstrate the ability of planning and managing the resources at the site effectively
  • Apply effective supervision methods on the labour operations at the construction site
  • Assist in developing budgets and estimates of the construction activities effectively
  • Demonstrate the ability of overcoming health and environmental related challenges during the construction activities
  • Implement the possible practices on improving labour performance in the construction projects
  • Carryout self-learning on modern theories, advanced technologies and practices related to construction works
  • Demonstrate brainstorming techniques to the labourers in construction
  • Demonstrate competency-based training techniques for the labourers in construction
  • Instruct basic theories and applications of the construction principles to the labourers in construction
  • Provide experimental learning exercises to the labourers in construction
  • Assess the performance of labourers in the construction field
  • Implement the possible labour rewarding mechanisms in the construction sector
  • Apply necessary mathematical applications to solve related problems in the construction activities
  • Assist in conducting field investigations, surveys and tests required for feasibility studies of construction works
  • Maintain the records of the construction tasks and help in preparing the reports effectively
  • Demonstrate the ability of applying sustainable development and green practices on labour operations at the construction site
  • Communicate with construction workers effectively with team working capabilities
  • Analyse situations to face the challenges with positive thinking abilities

Course Outline

DCLPPM 112 – English Language Proficiency for Effective Communication in Construction

DCLPPM 122 – Mathematical Theories and Applications on Construction Labour Operations

DCLPPM 132 – Skills Development of Workers for Performance Improvement in Construction

DCLPPM 142 – Labour Management, Productivity Measurements and Performance Assessments in Construction

DCLPPM 153 – Application of Fundamental Theories of Science and Technology in Construction Labour Operations

DCLPPM 214 – Application of Fundamental Concepts of Engineering and Technology in Construction Labour Operations

DCLPPM 222 – Supervision Practices in Building Construction Works

DCLPPM 232 – Supervision Practices in Road, Highway, Bridge, Water Supply and Irrigation Works

DCLPPM 242 – Construction Material Usage and Technologies used in Labour Operations

DCLPPM 251 – Green Practices in Construction Labour Operations

DCLPPM 262 – Planning and Management Practices for Construction Supervision

DCLPPM †16 – Training of Trainers Project on Labour Training Exercises

Course Delivery Methods

Lectures, Tutorial Classes, Practical Classes, Design Classes, Interactive Learning Sessions, Field Visits, Project-based Assignments (Necessary online facilities will also be used during the course delivery in possible ways.)


Continuous Assessment / In-Class Tests: Tutorials, Quizzes, Practical/ Design/ Project-based assignments, Presentations, Project Reports

Semester End Examination: Question paper based on classroom teaching


Faculty of Technology, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, Kuliyapitiya.



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