This diploma programme will be delivered to the supervisory level workers in the construction industry whose level of competencies varying from technician level to management level. The course followers (Supervisory level workers) will be trained to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities for improving the productivity of labour operations in construction. The primary aim of this diploma programme is to prepare the supervisory level workers in construction for providing necessary training activities through effective demonstrations and guidance to the labourers in construction. At the end of this diploma programme, the supervisory level workers are expected to be having knowledge, skills and abilities as follows.


The supervisory level workers who complete this diploma programme, will be able to have knowledge and understanding on the subject areas of

  • Site management
  • Resource management
  • Health and safety in construction
  • Construction planning
  • Performance evaluation on labour skills
  • Industrial research
  • Construction materials
  • Construction procedures and technology
  • Material and equipment handling
  • Waste management
  • Water management
  • New technologies in construction
  • Quality assurance and control in construction
  • Environment and society
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Simple architectural concepts
  • Estimation
  • Simple measurements
  • Basic concepts of structures and design
  • Basic electricity
  • Numeracy
  • Basic labour laws and regulation
  • Financial knowledge
  • English / Languages other than mother tongue
  • Information and Communication Technology


The supervisory level workers who complete this diploma programme, will be able to have following practical skills and abilities.

  • Monitor health care facilities and follow the necessary health and safety practices at the construction site
  • Apply effective site management and coordination practices into labour operations
  • Apply effective labour management practices into construction site activities
  • Apply project management theories and practices into the construction activities
  • Provide necessary supports in managing cash flows effectively
  • Implement the relevant practices to improve labour productivity at the construction sites
  • Provide effective trainings to the labourers through demonstrations and guidelines for improving their performance
  • Perform labour productivity measurements and evaluate the labour performance through necessary practices
  • Maintain the quality assurance and controlling practices on the construction works
  • Develop their technical skills and abilities on the construction works
  • Apply necessary optimizing techniques into operations
  • Analyze simple structural elements
  • Generate simple drawings and designs using manual methods and computer aided tools
  • Involve in the BOQ preparation works for the construction works
  • Handle the material usage and tool operations effectively
  • Use appropriate mathematical applications to solve real problems
  • Use relevant surveying techniques for setting out of a construction
  • Work with electrical sources in construction
  • Apply innovative green practices at the construction site
  • Use necessary ICT application tools in related activities
  • Conducting possible industrial researches at the construction site

The supervisory level workers who complete this diploma programme, will be able to provide training through necessary demonstrations and guidelines to improve the following knowledge areas, skills and abilities of labourers in construction.

  • Knowledge areas of labourers

Construction procedures and technology; Health and safety in construction; Construction materials; Material handling; Equipment handling; Quality assurance and control; Waste management; Water management; New technologies in construction; Environment and society; Environmental sustainability; Simple architecture; Estimation; Simple measurements; Understanding drawings; Numeracy; Understanding of simple structural concepts; Basic electricity; Financial matters; Psychology; Health science; Basic labour laws and regulation; English / Languages other than mother tongue; Information and Communication Technology

  • Skills and abilities of labourers

Learning; Reading, writing and listening; Math and language literacy; Measuring; Estimating; Ability to understand drawings; Ability to adapt to changes and new environments; Material handling; Equipment / Tool handling; Concreting; Bar bending; Brickworks; Plastering; Tiling; Carpentry; Plumbing; Painting; Welding; Electrical; Critical reasoning; Problem solving; Decision making; Leadership; Planning; Multiple work coordination; Skills in teamwork; Management and Organizational skills; Psychology; Physical ability; Reduction of alcohol and drugs usage; Commitment; Attitude; Attendance; Punctuality; Communication; Understanding with other workers; Memorization; Analytical skills/abilities; Innovative


The supervisory level workers who complete this diploma programme, will be aware and value:

  • Ethical and professional practices in labour management
  • Productivity and performance improvement management practices
  • Professional career development and lifelong learning



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